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Un blog cattolico americano, Ukok’s place ha postato la versione cattolica di come trovare Gesù nei vari libri della Bibbia, dopo che Gayla aveva postato la versione protestante. Purtroppo lo posso postare solo in inglese.

Old Testament
1 Genesis He is your Creator God
2 Exodus He is your Redeemer
3 Leviticus He is your Sanctifer
4 Numbers He is your Guide
5 Deuteronomy He is your Teacher
6 Joshua He is your Conqueror
7 Judges He gives you victory
8 Ruth He is your Kinsman
9 I Samuel He is the root of Jesse
10 2 Samuel He is the Son of David
11 1 Kings He is the King of Kings
12 2 Kings He is the Lord of Lords
13 1 Chronicles He is your Intercessor
14 2 Chronicles He is your High Priest
15 Ezra He is your temple
16 Nehemiah He is your mighty wall
17 Tobit He is your Healer
18 Judith He is your Just One
19 Esther He is your Deliverer
20 1 Maccabees He will raise you from the dead
21 2 Maccabees He is your Resurrection
22 Job He is your Arbitrator
23 Psalms He is your song
24 Proverbs He is your wisdom
25 Ecclesiastics He is your purpose
26 Song of Songs He is your Lover
27 Wisdom He is the God of Mercy
28 Sirach He is your Hero
29 Isaiah He is the Prince of Peace
30 Jeremiah He is the soothing Salve for your sin-sick soul
31 Lamentations He is the ever faithful One
32 Baruch He is your repentance
33 Ezekiel He assures you that dry, dead bones will come alive again
34 Daniel He is the Ancient of Days
35 Hosea He is your faithful Lover even when you have abandoned Him
36 Joel He will pour out the Spirit upon all humankind
37 Amos He is your Husbandman
38 Obadiah He is the Lord of the Kingdom
39 Jonah He will bring you back within His Will
40 Micah He wants you to love goodness and to walk humbly with your God
41 Nahum He is your jealous God
42 Habakkuk He is your Holy God
43 Zephaniah He is your Witness
44 Haggai He will overthrow your enemies
45 Zechariah He is the Lord of Hosts
46 Malachi He is your Messenger God

New Testament
1 Matthew He is the King of the Jews
2 Mark He is your Servant
3 Luke He is the Son of Man
4 John He is The Son of God
5 Acts He is the Savior of the World
6 Romans He is the Rightousness of God
7 1 Corinthians He is the Rock that followed Israel
8 2 Corinthians He is the Triumphant One
9 Galatians He is your Liberator
10 Ephesians He is the Head of the Church
11 Philippians He is your joy
12 Colossians He is your completeness
13 1 Thessalonians He is your hope
14 2 Thessalonians He is your patience
15 1 Timothy He is your faith
16 2 Timothy He is your stability
17 Titus He is the Truth
18 Philemon He is your Benefactor
19 Hebrews He is your perfection
20 James He is the power behind your faith
21 1 Peter He is your example
22 2 Peter He is your purity
23 1 John He is your life
24 2 John He is your pattern
25 3 John He is your Motivator
26 Jude He is the foundation of your faith
27 Revelation He is your coming King.

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